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012: MAST

MAST is a letter twister out of Brooklyn, NYC, known for his aggressive letters and stylized characters.

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011: XEME

Xeme is a graffiti writer from Hong Kong who’s been extending his letters into a new realm

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010: Emmanuel Moore

Emmanuel Moore is a contemporary painter living in Brisbane, Queensland.

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009: DOES

Since 1997, Does (the Netherlands) has consistently developed as an artist.

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008: ASKEW

Askew is a multi-disciplinary artist and graffiti writer from the South Pacific.

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007: OMENS

Almost 20 years deep as a graffiti writer, Omens (Chicago) is a force dedicated to his own blend of letter ben …

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006: VENTS

Vents is a painter, graphic designer, and father of two from Auckland, New Zealand.

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005: DMOTE

Dmote is an Australian graffiti writer, designer, and artist currently living in New York City.

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