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Underground Productions Magazine 40

Underground ProductionsAUD $10.55

Featuring TOMCAT, Stockholm Trains, Thailand, & Puppet

Swedish Graffiti Magazine
Size: 280mm x 215mm

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It has shaped the scene like hardly any other mag and is now turning 40 – UNDERGROUND PRODUCTIONS with its 40th issue. Congratulations at this point not only for this anniversary but also for this first-class issue. You can tell that editors are growing up, and when you consider that the UP is launching 40 issues in 17 years, that’s pretty impressive.

I’m sure there are some readers who still wet their pants when UNDERGROUND delivered its first issues. In any case, there are again some very well laid out reports and interviews with first-class picture material, the right questions as well as the right answers. Highlights are probably the TOMCAT Special, the STOCKHOLM TRAIN Special or the report about the graff legend PUPPET!

Published Summer 2009 by Underground Productions Magazine, Sweden


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